Next Meeting: Friday, June 12 at 10 am at CHESTNUT SPRINGS PAVILION


Our program this month will be a "Taste of the BodiBalance experience" led by Carol Fonda and sponsored by the Laurel Springs neighborhood.

Carol is the innovator of BodiBalance, the movement training that connects you with your body's innate design for movement. She has choreographed/directed her own company in NY and danced with the San Francisco ballet, the Ballet de Lyon, and toured as a soloist with Affiliate Artists.

Carol has designed a dance workshop especially for retirees and pre-retirees. At our June meeting, Carol will give a sample class. Starting with a warmup to gently open our joints for maximum range of movement, she will then take us through some dance moves that are simple, fun and freeing.

If you enjoy the session and want to register for following classes, you will receive a 10% discount. Below is the information on the 9 class workshop:

Dates- the first week of the workshop provides the BodiBalance Fundamentals in three consecutive classes because the new movement habits encouraged by BodiBalance are most readily established with immediate repetition.

Classes begin 6/16: Fundamentals week- classes are T, W,Thu; June 16, 17,18
Weekly classes will be on the following Tuesdays: June 23, 30, and July 7,14,21,28
All classes 10:30-noon at Chestnut Springs Pavilion.

Fees- Workshop Fee- $100, Early signup fee- $90, Single class- $12.50 per class, but fundamentals classes are essential to take single classes.

Any questions? Contact Carol at or (917)579-9170

The sample class should be great fun, so wear flexible clothing and bring your dancing shoes!


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